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Welcome to Visitor Page

Visitor Page is an online interface allowing you to share data related to the 74th FIAF Congress in Prague with the hosting archive (National Film Archive).

Since March 20, 2018 the registration is open for FIAF Members, Associates and Public. 

Participant Accreditation is for NON FIAF Members. The Organizer has a right to reject an application for Participant Accreditation if the applicant’s request is not relevant to the Congress.
Payment of 250 EUR can be done via invoice in advance or in cash at the venue of the Congress.

If you want to apply to the Congress, you must create your Visitor Page Login first.

Once you have access to your Visitor Page (a verification email will be send to you – please note this can take couple of minutes), you will be required to provide your Personal profile and Contact Information details in order to request accreditation or apply for open congress events. Please make sure you link your contact with a COMPANY (FIAF member/ associate) from the available options or add company you are representing

Once you fill in all the details required, the Accreditation (for FIAF Members and Associates only) and Event section will open. You  will be able to insert, review or update your personal data at any time.

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

2018 FIAF Congress Prague


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